Vermont car registration renewals

Determine the Status of Your RegistrationRegistration-Renewals

Registration needs to be renewed annually, but in some cases residents can choose a two-year registration.

Renew a VT Registration: Residents who own/lease and operate a vehicle for more than 30 days need to renew their registration as well as carry valid auto insurance.

To register a non-operational vehicle, there are no specific steps. If you have questions, contact your local DMV office.

Check Your Renewal NoticeRegistration-Renewals

At least three weeks before your registration’s expiration date, you’ll get a registration renewal notice in the mail. It will say what you owe, if you need to have the vehicle inspected or get an emissions test, and by what date you need to renew.

If you do not receive a notice, you’ll need to renew through the main office in Montpelier.

It is mandatory for most vehicles to get a state inspection. Be sure to get this done and receive the inspections sticker before your registration expires. At the inspection station, you must present proof of insurance or financial responsibility.

Calculate Your FeesRegistration-Renewals

Your renewal notice will state what you owe. If you did not get a renewal notice, fill out a VT Registration Application (TAVD119) to take to the main office in Montpelier and call the DMV at (802) 828-2000 for fee details.

Late fees and penalties:
If a police office pulls you over and your vehicle’s registration is expired, you will face a citation. If your registration has been expired for longer than a year, you’ll need to start from scratch.

Renew Online, In Person, or By MailRegistration-Renewals

If you need to renew the registration of a single vehicle, you’ll enter your plate or registration number. If you want to renew several vehicles at once, change your address, or access previously registered vehicle receipts, you’ll need to log in using your registration renewal or driver’s license number.

The two registration ID numbers are written in them middle of your renewal notice.

Take the following steps:

* Have a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit card to pay the renewal fee
* Have your license plate or registration number or your registration renewal or driver’s license number on hand
* Go to the state’s DMV Express online service

You can expect your stickers in the mail in four to six business days. Be aware that the transaction receipt does not count as a temporary registration. If your stickers have not arrived in seven days, call the DMV at (802) 2000.

If you run into technical difficulties using the online service, you can email the help desk.

In Person
If you didn’t receive a registration renewal notice, you must go to the main office in Montpelier. If you did receive a notice, you can renew in person at a branch office or mobile van location – just be sure to check that that office offers registration renewal (not all do). Then:

* Determine if you should go to the main office (no renewal notice), a branch office, or a mobile van unit (if your registration has been expired for over a year)
* Bring the appropriate form of payment. Not all offices accept credit cards (including branch offices and the main office) and not all accept cash (mobile locations).
* Visit whichever location is appropriate. You will receive your new registration and stickers right away.

By Mail
If your registration isn’t due to expire for at least two weeks, renew by mail. If you didn’t get a renewal notice, fill out a VT Registration Application (TAVD119). Include a check or money order for the fee and mail everything to:
Main Office
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

Affix Your StickersRegistration-Renewals

Follow the instructions the come with the stickers.

Get a Tax DeductionRegistration-Renewals

If your renewal fee is based on the value of your vehicle (not its weight), you can deduct a portion of your renewal fee. Consult a tax attorney for more details.

Do Your Part to Keep Our Roadways SafeRegistration-Renewals

Keep yourself and others safe on the road by keeping your vehicle in its best running condition. Maintain a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle, including changing the oil, rotating or replacing its tires, and getting tune-ups.

Enrolling in a roadside assistance program is a smart decision. It will help you avoid getting stranded in the case of a breakdown or flat. Make sure you have a dependable, trustworthy mechanic, and consider investing in an after-market auto warranty.