Transfer Car Title in New Mexico

What Is a Title Transfer?Transfer-Title

The title demonstrates legal ownership of a vehicle. Therefore, when a vehicle’s ownership changes, the title must be transferred. You have 30 days from the time you acquire a vehicle to complete a title transfer. Common reasons for title transfers include if you recently:

* Bought or sold a vehicle
* Transferred a vehicle to a family member
* Inherited a vehicle
* Gave or received a vehicle as a gift
* Donated a vehicle
* Paid off a car loan
* Made name changes

Selling a VehicleTransfer-Title

It’s a good idea to have a vehicle history report on hand to demonstrate to interested buyers the good history of your car. This will ease the selling process and help you come to a selling price. Once you’ve finalized the deal, transfer the title:

* Remove current license plates – you transfer them to another vehicle or turn them into the DMV
* Sign the back of the title
* Record the milage on the back of the title

Buying a VehicleTransfer-Title

New Cars
The dealer will submit the necessary paperwork to the DMV.

Used Cars
Keep in mind all aspects of your budget when shopping for a used car. This includes comparing insurance rates and financing options in addition to the price of a vehicle. When you find a car you’re interested in, order a vehicle history report to learn more about the car’s background and to protect you from any undisclosed defects.

To transfer the title, bring the following to the DMV:

* Title, signed by the seller
* Your current driver’s license. If the address listed is not current, you’ll also need to bring two proofs of address, such as a utility bill, property tax statement, or bank statement.
* Bill of sale
* Application for Vehicle Title and Registration
* Odometer Disclosure Form if the milage is not noted on the title
* Proof of insurance
* Bernalillo County (the Albuquerque area) titling a non-diesel-powered vehicle with a model year after 1975 need to show proof of a passed emissions test
* Payment for required fees

You’ll probably also want to register you car at this time so prepare those fees and paperwork as well.

Removing a LienTransfer-Title

When you’ve paid off you car loan, the lienholder will mail you the title of a Release of Lien statement. Then:

* Bring the title or statement to any MVD location
* Fill out an Application for Vehicle Title and Registration
* Pay $5 fee

Transferring to FamilyTransfer-Title

The process for family transfers apply to:

* Spouse
* Child
* Grandparent
* Grandchild
* Sibling

To complete the title transfer on your vehicle, visit the MVD office with:

* Original title, signed over to you
* Proof of insurance
* Two proofs of state residency, with each showing the same address
* Affidavit of Gift of Vehicle or Motorboat (mvd10018), notarized
* Payment for required fees

Gifting a VehicleTransfer-Title

The recipient of a vehicle as a gift is exempt from paying the state’s excise tax. Simply visit any MVD office with:

* Original title, signed over to you, with "gift" listed as the purchase price
* Proof of insurance
* Proof of ID
* Payment for required fees

Donating a VehicleTransfer-Title

There are many worthy charities that benefit from donated cars. Car donations usually translate into tax credits for you. Check with a tax attorney to maximize your tax break.

Inheriting a VehicleTransfer-Title

You have 30 days from the date of death to have the title transferred into your name. It’s often a good idea to consult a probate attorney in these situations.

Visit your MVD with:

* Certified paperwork from court proceedings. If the owner is your spouse and died without a will, or if probate is not required, you must complete a Certificate of Transfer without Probate.
* Death certificate
* Proper ID
* Payment for fees (excise tax is waived if you are the heir, executor or recipient of the estate)

Also register and insure the vehicle.

Making Name CorrectionsTransfer-Title

Changing a Name
Bring the following to an MVD:

* Marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other court document (ordering a vital record could be helpful)
* Proof of ID
* $5 fee

Deleting a Name

* Have the other person sign off on the title
* Bring the title to an MVD
* Fill out an Application for Duplicate Title
* Pay $16.50

Adding a Name

* Have the other person sign the title
* Bring the title to an MVD
* Complete an Application for Duplicate Title
* Pay $16.50