Transfer Car Title in Idaho

What is a Title Transfer?Transfer-Title

Your title carries a lot of weight. It serves as proof of vehicle ownership. When you are transferring ownership, youll need the title (whether youre the buyer or seller) to legally close the deal. If youre the buyer, you have 30 days to title the vehicle in your name. Otherwise, youll incur a $20 late fee.

Title transfers occur when:
* Buying or selling
* Gifting or donating a vehicle
* Inheriting a vehicle
* Transferring to family
* Paying off a loan
* Making a name change

Selling a VehicleTransfer-Title

Order a vehicle history report before beginning to sell your car. It will ease the selling process because it will guide you on an honest asking price and enable potential buyers to trust your intentions.

After agreeing to a deal, heres what to do:
1. Sign your name on the titles sellers signature line and include the date in the date sold section.
2. If the vehicle is less than 10 years old, include an odometer count.
3. If there is room on the front of the title, enter the selling price. If not, create a Bill of Sale.
4. File a Release of Liability statement.
5. Remove your license plates.

Buying a VehicleTransfer-Title

New Cars
The dealer will manage title transfers.

If youre in the car market, try shopping online.

Used Cars
When considering a car, first find one that matches your budget. Once you settle on a car, explore all financial options before signing any papers. Also budget for insurance costs and research online for various rates.

Study your chosen cars vehicle history report before buying. Especially when dealing with private sellers ensure the owner signs off and hands you the actual vehicle title.

After purchasing you can either title your car by mail or in person by visiting your county assessors office. Either way, include the following:
1. The cars title signed over to you.
2. A bill of sale if there is no purchase price listed on the title.
3. If the car is less than 10 years old, include an odometer disclosure statement.
4. A Vehicle Identification Number Certification.
5. If applying by mail, include a completed Power of Attorney form.
6. A completed Title Application
7. Payment for a 6% sales tax, a $14 fee, and, if applicable, a $20 late filing fee.
If you opt for the mail option, send all fees and document to your county assessor.

Removing a LienTransfer-Title

It is not mandatory, but to remove a lien from your title after paying off your car loan, you must:
1. Have your lender sign-off on your title.
2. Bring the released title to your county assessors office.
3. Pay $14 title fee.

Transferring to FamilyTransfer-Title

You can transfer your vehicle to the following family members:
* Brother or sister
* Grandparent
* Grandchild
* Spouse
* Parent
* Child

To complete the transfer go to your county assessors office and bring the following:

1. The cars title signed over to you.
2. A completed Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Transfer Affidavit.
3. If vehicle is less than 10 years old, an odometer disclosure statement.
4. A Vehicle Identification Number Certification.
5. A Completed Title Application.
6. Payment for $14 title fee.

Gifting a VehicleTransfer-Title

If youre the recipient of a gift vehicle you must visit your county assessors office and:
1. Bring the signed-off title.
2. Complete a Gift application (unavailable online).
3. For identification purposes, have your drivers license.
4. Pay a $14 title fee.
NOTE: You will also need to register the vehicle while titling.

Donating a VehicleTransfer-Title

Its up to you: you can donate to a wide variety of causes and charities many even offer free pick-up.

To increase your chances of receiving a full tax credit on your vehicle, consider hiring a tax attorney.

Inheriting a VehicleTransfer-Title

From the date of death you have 30 days to transfer the title. It is always wise to consult a probate attorney to negotiate through the legal process.

As the heir, bring the following to your local county assessors office:
1. The signed-over title.
2. The death certificate.
3. Cash or check for a $14 title fee.
You will also need to re-register the vehicle if the registration has expired. Otherwise, the county assessors office will automatically implement registration charges.

Your vehicle must also be insured. You can shop online for rates and comparisons.

Making Name CorrectionsTransfer-Title

Changing a Name
1. Go to the county assessors office.
2. Depending on your situation bring in your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court document.
3. Bring your drivers license.
4. Pay a $14 title fee.
Before applying for a title name change, consider getting a vital record if you misplaced or lost your proof of name change (marriage certificate or court decree). You must follow a separate process for this situation.

Deleting a Name
In person, visit your county assessors office and adhere to the following steps:
1. All parties involved must sign the title.
2. If the names on the title are combined by AND, all involved parties must attend together. If the names are combined by OR, only the person maintaining the title needs to come in to complete the process.
3. Pay a $14 title fee.

Adding a Name
Visit your county assessors office and:
1. Bring in the title with the added name.
2. Pay $14 title fee and $3 updated registration fee.
NOTE: both parties do not have to present when adding the name.