Renew your New York driver's license

Determine the Status of Your LicenseRenew-License

In order to drive legally, you must carry a valid driver’s license and auto insurance at all times. If you are unsure of the status of your license, you can request a copy of your driving record.

Valid License
New driver licenses are valid for four or five years and expire on your birthday. A renewed license is valid for eight years. You may renew your license up to one year before its expiration date or up to two years after. You may renew your license online, by mail, or in person.

Expired License
The renewal options are the same as for those with valid licenses – online, by mail, or in person.

Suspended License
In some cases, you may pay your suspension fees online and receive a new driver’s license. When you are eligible to get a new license, the DMV will send you a notice detailing this process.

Lost License
Follow the process for obtaining a duplicate license.

Check Your Renewal NoticeRenew-License

The DMV will mail you a renewal notice 45 to 60 days before your license is set to expire. It will be mailed to the address listed on your license.

Renew OnlineRenew-License

To renew online, you must meet the following requirements:

* Pass a vision test and have an eye care professional fill out Form MV-619 (Eye Test Report). This form is valid for six or 12 months.
* Your current address must match the one on file at the DMV
* You must be renewing within one year before or two years after your license’s expiration date
* Your mailing address must be in the U.S., even if you are posted on a military base
* Your Social Security number must be on record with the DMV
* You are not in jail, your license has not bee suspended or revoked, your license is not conditional or restricted, you do not participate in the Ignition Interlock Device Program, and your license does not say "Valid Without Photo"

You will be asked to provide information from Form MV-619 and for credit card information to pay the fee online. Your license will arrive in about four weeks.

Renew By MailRenew-License

To renew by mail:

* Have an eye care professional fill out Form MV-619
* Fill out the renewal application that was included with the renewal notice, or fill out From MV-44
* Mail the forms and renewal fee via the U.S. Postal Service to:

DMV License Production Bureau
P.O. Box 2688-ESP
Albany, NY 12220-0668

If you’re using FedEx, UPS, or another express service, use:

DMV License Production Bureau
Room 223
6 Empire State PlazA
Albany, NY 12228

Renew In PersonRenew-License

* Bring the renewal form your received in the mail or fill out Form MV-44 to the DMV. If you are renewing a non-driver photo ID card, also bring your Social Security card or proof that you’re not eligible for one.
* Pass the vision test or provide Form MV-619
* Pay renewal fee

Update Your Driving SkillsRenew-License

Consider taking a supplemental traffic school course. It will sharpen your road skills knowledge and may even lower your insurance premiums.