Renew your Massachusetts driver's license

Determine the Status of Your LicenseRenew-License

f you aren’t sure the status of your license, you can order a copy of your driving record.

Valid License
You must renew your Class D or Class M (motorcycle) license every five years, either online or in person.

Expired License
If your license has been expired for less than four years, you’ll need to take an eye exam. If it has been expired for more than four years, you’ll need to take the written and road tests, too.

Suspended License
If your license is suspended, you’ll be notified of its non-renewal status.

Lost License
Follow the process for ordering a duplicate.

Don’t Wait for a Renewal NoticeRenew-License

The RMV does not mail out renewal notices any longer. You can renew online if you meet the criteria or in person. Renew at least seven days before your birthday in order to be sure you get your renewed license before your current one expires.

The RMV also no longer sends out courtesy notices for:

* Vehicle inspection reminders for vehicles with expired inspections
* Driver’s education certificates
* Junior operator brochures for parents
* Change of address labels

Renew OnlineRenew-License

Renew online before your license expires. You must have a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover to pay the $50 fee. Expect your license to arrive by mail in about one week.

You cannot renew online if:

* Your license photo is older than nine years or taken before your 21st birthday
* You changed your name
* You do not have a Social Security number
* You have not yet received a confirmation notice after submitting an online change-of-address notice
* You want to register to vote
* You want to change your organ donor status
* You renewed online last time

You may only renew online every other renewal, or once every ten years.

Renew By MailRenew-License

This option is not offered.

Renew In PersonRenew-License

When you arrive, you’ll need to:

* Pass a vision screening
* Provide your Social Security number of a Social Security Denial Notice issued in the last 30 days
* Pay the $50 renewal fee

Your receipt will be your temporary license. Expect your permanent one to arrive in about two weeks.

If you have any outstanding warrants, unpaid tickets, back child support, or Massachusetts Turnpike/Fast Lane violations.

Update Your Driving SkillsRenew-License

You only need to renew your license every four years, so consider taking a supplemental traffic school course to keep your skills updated and sharp. Taking a class may make you eligible for an insurance discount, too.