Renew your Idaho driver's license

Determine the Status of Your LicenseRenew-License

To drive within the state you must have a valid license, so know when it expires. You may renew your license up to one year before the expiration date.

If you are between 21-62 years old you may choose between renewing your license every 4 years ($30) or every 8 years ($55). If youre older than 62 years old, you must renew in four-year cycles.

If you are between 18-20 years old, you license expires when you turn 21 years old. You cannot renew before that point, and you will only have five days after that to renew your license or it will expire.

You will need to have auto insurance that meets the states needs. You can research various insurance providers.

Valid License
Class D (standard) licenses must be renewed every 4 or 8 years (depends on situation). If you are a commercial driver you must follow a different process for renewal. Only some people can renew by mail, but everyone can renew in person at a drivers license office.

Obtain a copy of your driving record if you are unsure about your license status.

Expired License
It is illegal to drive on an expired license. You will, however, have up to one year to renew your license without being forced to take the written and driving tests again. Follow the same procedures you would as those with a current license to renew your expired license. You can purchase a copy of your driving record if you are wondering about your license status.

Suspended License
These issues can be complex. You can check your license status by purchasing a copy of your driving record. Insurance rates will likely go up, so check with your insurance provider for best rates for your situation.

To learn how to reinstate your license and find the fees you must pay, you must follow a different process for suspended licenses.

Lost License
You need to follow a separate process for replacing a lost license.

Check Your Renewal NoticeRenew-License

If eligible for mail renewal, you will receive a mail renewal application from the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) approximately 60 days before your license expiration date.

If you prefer, you may still renew in person. You will not need to bring any renewal notice with you if you are renewing in person.

Renew in PersonRenew-License

Go to the drivers license office with your current license and be prepared to do the following when its time to renew your license:
* Take a vision test.
* Pay the appropriate fee.
The examiner may request you take a skills test or undergo a medical examination before your license will be renewed.

Renew by MailRenew-License

With only a few exceptions, only those between 21-69 years old who received a mail renewal application can renewal their license by mail. If you decide to do so, you can only renew by mail every eight years.

To renew by this method:
1. Complete the application form.
2. Gather your fee payment.
3. Send everything to the address on the form.
Depending on your situation, you will receive either a validation sticker (to be placed on your current license) or a new license. Renewing by mail means you pay an extra $1 fee.

Members of the Military
You may request a four-year extension for your expiring license if you are an active member of the military. This also applies to your dependents. You must follow a separate process for being a driver in the military with regards to renewing your license.

Civilians Temporarily Out-of-State
You can renew your license up to one year before its expiration date. If youre out of Idaho when your license expires, you can request a 12-month extension for $6.50. Contact the DMV at (208) 334-8735 for instructions.

After the extension runs out, you can request an addition 12-month extension by adhering to the same process.

Renew OnlineRenew-License

You will need to renew in person or through mail you cannot renew your Idaho license online.

Update Your Driving SkillsRenew-License

The period between license renewals is long, so keep your driving knowledge and skills current. Taking a traffic school course is a smart method, and doing so may even save you money on your insurance premiums, so contact your provider to see if you qualify. You can also research various carriers to see who offers this discount.