Renew your Delaware driver's license

Determine the Status of Your License Renew-License

You must have a valid license to drive in the state.
Valid License
Class D (standard or permanent) driver licenses must be renewed every five years.
Expired License
It is illegal to drive with an expired license. You have one year to renew without having to retest. You will have to pay a $1.15 fine if you renew late.

Suspended License
The Suspended License page provides information about how to reinstate your license.
Lost License
To obtain a duplicate license, contact your local office.

Renew In Person Renew-License

To renew you will need to complete the application form, pass a vision exam and pyay the required $25 fee.
For motorcycle endorsement renewals it will cost an additional $8.
Under rare circumstances, renewal applicants may be asked to take the road and written tests.

Renew Online Renew-License

Renewing online is not an option.

Renew by Mail Renew-License

You can renew by mail if you are in the military and not stationed in the state. Otherwise, you must renew in person. There are some exceptions to this rule. Call your local DMV to determine if you qualify for mail renewal.

Update Your Driving Skills Renew-License

Keeping your driving skills and knowledge of new laws up-to-date is important. A refresher course is recommended.