New York car registration renewals

Determine the Status of Your RegistrationRegistration-Renewals

Your registration must be renewed every two years. A smog and safety inspection is required once a year, and proof of this is required to renew registration.

Renew NY Registration
Current registration and car insurance are legally required to drive and park on public streets.

Register for the First Time
Follow the process for first-time registration if you are a new resident of the state or recently purchased or received a car.

Register a Non-Operational Vehicle
If you aren’t planning on driving a vehicle and don’t want to renew its registration:

* Cancel the registration and insurance
* Turn in your plates to the DMV and get a receipt (custom plates will be stored; standard ones will be destroyed)
* To re-register, bring your plate receipt back to the same office where you turned in your plates

Check Your Renewal NoticeRegistration-Renewals

You’ll get a renewal notice 45-60 days before your registration expires. It will tell you how and when to renew. The notice will not say so, but you must have your annual emission and safety check completed before you renew.

Calculate Your FeesRegistration-Renewals

Fees are based on the vehicle’s weight. There are not late fees are penalties.

Renew Online, In Person, or By MailRegistration-Renewals

You may renew online as long as your address has not changed. To renew online:

* Be sure your browser allows for cookies
* Have an email address
* Have your license plate number and registration class code on hand
* Have a major credit card to pay online
* Expect your registration in about two weeks

In Person
You or someone else may renew your vehicle’s registration in person.

* Locate your renewal form or fill out form MV-82
* Make sure your smog and safety inspection has already been completed
* Go to a DMV office
* Pay the fee by check, credit card, money order, or cash

By Mail

* Fill out forms MV-82, MV-82.1, and ID-82 (they’re all on the same page)
* Calculate your fees by weight and custom plate (if you have one). Multiply the annual fee of your custom plate by two.
* Write a check or money order for the fee. You can write the check to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and leave the amount part blank if you are unsure your exact fee. You’ll be sent a receipt.
* Mail everything to

NYSDMV Port Jefferson Office
3 Roads Plaza
1055 Route 112
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

By Telephone
For a $5 fee, you can renew by phone:

* Have your registration card or renewal form on hand
* Have a major credit card ready
* Call (518) 402-4838 and follow the prompts

Registrations arrive in about two weeks.

Affix Your StickersRegistration-Renewals

If you renew in person, you’ll be issued your stickers right away; otherwise, expect them in the mail. Follow the included instructions to properly affix them.

If you haven’t received your new registration materials within two weeks, call a DMV office of DMV Telephone Call Center.

Get a Tax DeductionRegistration-Renewals

Your renewal rates are based on weight, not the vehicle’s value, so you cannot take these fees as a deduction.

Do Your Part to Keep Our Roadways SafeRegistration-Renewals

Now is a good time to check your safe driving skills and make sure your car is running smoothly. Get regular oil changes, tune-ups, and tire rotations. Be sure to replace tires when necessary.

Also look into joining a roadside assistance program to help out in case your car breaks down. An after-market auto warranty can save you a lot on major repairs. Above all, make sure you have a skilled and trustworthy mechanic to handle maintenance and repairs.