New Mexico car registration

General RequirementsCar-Registration

You must register your car for the first time if you recently:

* Moved to the state
* Bought a car
* Were given or inherited a car

You must register your car immediately after taking possession. If you have just become a resident, you have 60 days to have it registered. Students and military personnel can keep their home registrations.

Get InsuranceCar-Registration

You are legally required to carry a minimum of $60,000 in liability insurance.

Prepare the PaperworkCar-Registration

If you bought a car from a dealer, you most likely won’t have to take care of the registration yourself.

Calculate the FeesCar-Registration

Fees run between $21 and $62 for annual registration and up to $124 for two-year registration. Fees are based on the year, model, and weight of the vehicle.

Go to the DMVCar-Registration

At the MVD, you’ll turn in your paperwork and pay the fees. You may also be asked to fill out an odometer disclosure form and have an MVD employee inspect the VIN.

License Plates
If the previous owner kept the plates, you’ll need to apply for new plates while you’re at the MVD. You can apply for specialty plates as well.

Affix Your StickersCar-Registration

Your stickers and plates will arrive in the mail. Affix the stickers according to the instructions.

Get a Tax DeductionCar-Registration

Look at your receipt for a fee breakdown. Any fees based on the value of your vehicle can be deducted on your taxes.

Safely Get on Your WayCar-Registration

Prepare for emergencies by keeping a car emergency kit in your vehicle, and consider joining a roadside assistance program. An after-market auto warranty will help out in case of major repairs, and be sure you have a mechanic you trust who will do preventative safety maintenance on your car. It’s also a good idea to get a hands-free headset so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road in case you need to take a call. Lastly, if you transport kids, make sure you have an approved child safety seat.