Mississippi car registration

General RequirementsCar-Registration

You must register your car with the state if you have recently:

* Bought a car
* Were given a car
* Moved to the state

You have seven days after taking possession of a vehicle to register it. You have 30 days after moving to the state to register your out-of-state car. Cars with expired, out-of-state registrations are subject to additional fees.

Get InsuranceCar-Registration

You must carry adequate liability insurance to legally drive your car.

Prepare the PaperworkCar-Registration

If you purchased a car from a dealer, the dealer should take care of the paperwork for you.

If the registration is left up to you, be sure to have:

* Application, which is available at the county tax collector’s office (not online)
* Title
* Current odometer disclosure (if it isn’t on the back of the title)
* Bill of Sale proving you’re the owner

You do not need to show proof of a passed emissions test to register. However, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality monitors air quality in certain counties so you may want to learn more about how you can help cut down air pollution.

If you haven’t yet purchased a car, it’s a good idea to get a vehicle history report on any used cars you’re considering. This will tell you information about the vehicle’s past, such as major accidents and past owners.

Calculate the FeesCar-Registration

There is a first-time registration fee of $10. You are also subject to other fees including state and local taxes based on the car’s value, weight, and type, and where you register it. Contact your county tax collector for an estimate.

Go to the DMVCar-Registration

Go to the county tax collector’s office to fill out a registration application, turn in your paperwork, pay the fees, and get your tags.

You’ll get your tag at the office. You have the choice of the standard Mississippi tag or one of the specialty tags, which may be in stock or you may need to order them.

Affix Your StickersCar-Registration

Affix the stickers on your tag according to the instructions.

Get a Tax DeductionCar-Registration

You can deduct the part of your fees that are based on the vehicle’s value. You may want to consult a tax attorney for advice.

Safely Get on Your WayCar-Registration

Now that you car is registered, get prepared. You may want to enroll in a roadside assistance program, which can help you out if you need a tow, tire repair, or other such help. It’s also a good idea to keep a car emergency kit in your trunk.

Consider buying a hands-free headset if you need to take calls while you drive. If you drive children, make sure you have a federally approved child safety seat.

Find a trustworthy auto mechanic before you need one. Also consider buying an after-market auto warranty for extended coverage.