Minnesota car registration

General RequirementsCar-Registration

You need to register your vehicle for the first time if you have recently:

* Moved to the state
* Received a vehicle as a gift or inheritance
* Bought a vehicle

After purchasing, you have 10 days to register. If you’re a new resident, you have 60 days to register.

Get InsuranceCar-Registration

Your car must be insured in order to be street-legal.

Prepare the PaperworkCar-Registration

If you purchased a new car, the dealer will take car of the title and registration paperwork for you.

If you’re handling the registration yourself:

* Fill out a Registration Application
* Have the title
* Have proper identification
* Visit the Driver and Vehicle Services office (DVS)

Calculate the FeesCar-Registration

Several fees are involved, including a registration tax (for first-time registration), wheelage tax (depending your your county of residency), and sales tax.

Go to the DVSCar-Registration

Bring your paperwork and fee payment to the nearest DVS office.

License Plates
Whether you receive new plates depends on the situation:

* Used vehicles that have been previously registered in Minnesota – plates stay with the car, and you will be issued registration stickers
* New vehicles – DVS will mail you your plates
* New state resident – you can order standard or specialty plates upon registration

Affix Your StickersCar-Registration

The month sticker goes on the lower left of the rear plate, and the year sticker goes on the lower right.

Get a Tax DeductionCar-Registration

Some registration fees may be tax-deductible. Consider checking with a tax attorney for advice.

Safely Get on Your WayCar-Registration

Consider enrolling in a roadside assistance program in case you get a flat or need a tow. It’s also a good idea to invest in a car emergency kit to keep in your trunk.

If you need to make calls while you’re driving, a hands-free headset is a good way to go. If you transport children, make sure you have a federally approved child safety seat – it’s the law.

Find a mechanic who is trustworthy and dependable. An after-market auto warranty can go a long way in protecting yourself against unforeseen repair bills.