Washington DMV

Apply for Washington driver's license

Choose Your LicenseApply-LicenseYour options are: * Regular Driver’s License (also known as a Personal Driver’s License – PDL) * Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL), which also counts as a border passport * Commercial Driver’s Licenses (Class A, B, C) * Motorcycle … Continue reading

Washington car registration

General RequirementsCar-RegistrationFirst-time registration includes the following situations: * Purchase of a new or used vehicle * New resident of the state * Receiving a vehicle as a gift or inheritance If you are a new resident, you have 30 days … Continue reading

Washington car registration renewals

Determine the Status of Your RegistrationRegistration-RenewalsYour Washington registration must be renewed yearly. Register a Non-operational Vehicle Non-operational vehicles do not need to be registered during dormancy. When they are returned to the road, you must: * Have the vehicle’s license … Continue reading

Transfer Car Title in Washington

What Is a Title Transfer?Transfer-TitleThe title indicates the vehicle’s ownership. Reasons for a title transfer include: * Buying or selling a vehicle * Inheriting * Donating * Gifting The seller have five days to report the sale. The buyer has … Continue reading