Iowa DMV

Iowa car registration

General RequirementsCar-RegistrationRegistration Renewal If youre a current resident needing to renew an expired vehicle registration, follow a separate procedure with regards to the Unofficial DMV Guides section on Registration Renewals. First-Time Registration Youll need to complete a registration process for … Continue reading

Iowa car registration renewals

Determine the Status of Your RegistrationRegistration-RenewalsRenew IA Registration The registration needs to be renewed on a yearly basis, unlike your vehicles certificate of title. In Iowa, vehicle registrations will expire at the end of your birth month. This occurs regardless … Continue reading

Renew your Iowa driver's license

Determine the Status of Your LicenseRenew-LicenseLaw requires all drivers have a legally valid license before getting behind the wheel. Proof of financial responsibility is also required for all drivers. This usually means purchasing a car insurance policy, which is the … Continue reading

Transfer Car Title in Iowa

What Is a Title Transfer?Transfer-TitleWhenever legal ownership of the vehicle changes hands a title transfer is necessary. This process must be completed at the county treasurers office within 30 days. Some of the most common reasons for transferring a vehicle … Continue reading