Arizona DMV

Apply for Arizona driver's license

Choose Your LicenseApply-License You must hold a valid driver’s license in order to legally drive. The following types of driver licenses are available in Arizona: Class G (graduated driver license for teenagers 16 to 18). Class D (non-commercial license for … Continue reading

Arizona car registration

General RequirementsCar-RegistrationFirst-Time Registration You’ll need to register your vehicle if you recently: Moved to the state Bought a vehicle Received a vehicle as a gift You must register your vehicle within 15 days of taking ownership of it. If you’re … Continue reading

Arizona car registration renewals

Determine the Status of Your RegistrationRegistration-RenewalsCar registration in Arizona is valid for either one or two years. You can normally elect the option that suits you best. However, if you car must pass an annual emissions test you cannot elect … Continue reading

Renew your Arizona driver's license

Determine the Status of Your LicenseRenew-LicenseIn Arizona it is not necessary to renew your drivers license until you turn 65. If this birthday is coming up, its your responsibility to renew the drivers license. A new photo and replacement license … Continue reading

Transfer Car Title in Arizona

What is a Title Transfer?Transfer-TitleThe title is the document that indicates the owner of the vehicle. To change ownership from one to another, a title transfer must take place. Visit the MVD within 15 days to update the record. Selling … Continue reading