California car registration renewals

Determine the Status of your RegistrationRegistration-Renewals

Renew CA Registration
To legally operate or park a vehicle on California roads, you must have a current registration. You must also provide proof of financial responsibility (car insurance)
Register a Vehicle in CA for the First Time
If your vehicle is either brand new or just new to the state, youll need to register. Review the car registration section.
Register a Non-Operational Vehicle
If the vehicle will not be operated or is not currently operational, you can apply for a non-operational (non-op) status, but must do so prior to the vehicle registration expiration.
This can be done by selecting the non-op status box on the registration renewal notice or by submitting a certificate of planned non-operation (available at a DMV office)
Mail the appropriate paperwork and $17 fee to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
Registration Operations
P.O. Box 942869
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

Check your renewal noticeRegistration-Renewals

You should receive an annual registration renewal notice in the mail. There will be a Renewal Identification Number on the form if you are eligible to renew online.

Calculate your feesRegistration-Renewals

Renewal fees are noted on the registration renewal form. The fees are similar to car insurance in that the newer and more valuable the vehicle the more the feel will be.
Avoid Late Fees and Penalties
California does not have a grace period for renewing your registration; late fees startand continueto accrue the day after the expiration date.

Renew online, in person or by mailRegistration-Renewals

To renew online, you must be eligible and have a Renewal Identification Number available.
If a smog certificate is required, you can still pay your registration fees online and avoid being late.
Have your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or ATM/debit card ready, or be prepared with a personal check to make an E-Check payment.
Visit the state sites Online Registration Renewal at page
New registration stickers should arrive in the mail in about five business days.
In Person
To renew in person, bring your renewal notice, smog certificate if required and be prepared to pay any fees and show proof of financial responsibility (car insurance)
It is best to make an appointment with your local DMV office.
Fees can be paid by ATM/debit card, cash, check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted for in-person renewal.
By Mail
Mail all paperwork with a check or money order to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 942869
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

Affix Your StickersRegistration-Renewals

Once you receive your stickers by mail or in person at the DMV (one for the month and one for the year), just follow the instructions provided to properly affix the stickers to the license plate.

Get a Tax DeductionRegistration-Renewals

You can deduct a portion of the registration fees called the annual Vehicle License Fee from your income tax. Check with your tax preparer for more information.

Do you part to keep our roadways safeRegistration-Renewals

Routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotation, and tune-ups could reduce your chances of getting strandedor worse, getting in an accident.