Arizona car registration renewals

Determine the Status of Your RegistrationRegistration-Renewals

Car registration in Arizona is valid for either one or two years. You can normally elect the option that suits you best. However, if you car must pass an annual emissions test you cannot elect the two year option.
Renew AZ Registration
Your vehicle must be registered each year you plan to drive or park on public roads. Valid insurance is required.
Register a Vehicle in AZ for the First Time
You typically need a first-time registration when you purchase a car or move to a new state. The state doesn’t offer a grace period after you buy a car or become a resident.
Register a Non-Operational Vehicle
If you no longer drive your vehicle on public roads, you don’t need to renew the existing registration.
If you wish to re-register a car that was registered in the past five years, you can use the license plate number or the VIN to register the car at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).
If the car hasn’t been registered in the past five years, contact the MVD for information on how to register it.

Check Your Renewal NoticeRegistration-Renewals

A notice will be sent out as your renewal deadline approaches. The notice contains the information you will need to register your car, including total taxes and fees owed, whether your vehicle must pass an emissions test, and identification information for your vehicle.

Calculate Your FeesRegistration-Renewals

The state has a flat registration fee of $8 per year. However, significant fees can be incurred from the vehicle license tax (VLT), which is based on the value of the vehicle.
Another fee related to all registered vehicles is the insurance payment. Although you don’t need to show proof of insurance when you renew your registration, you do need to have it. The MVD receives electronic notification about the insurance policies of drivers, and will cancel your registration if your policy lapses.
Avoid Late Fees and Penalties
Your registration will expire either on the 15th or the end of the month.
As long as you register by the deadline, If you register past the deadline, you must pay an $8 penalty for the first month and $4 for each month thereafter.
If your vehicle failed emissions testing and you had the test before your deadline, you will have an extra 30 days past your deadline to get the car repaired, pass an emissions test, and complete the renewal process.

Renew Online, In Person, By Mail or By PhoneRegistration-Renewals

Renew Online
If applicable, make sure your vehicle passes the emissions test. Because the MVD receives the testing information electronically, you don’t need to have a certificate on hand when renewing.
You will need your renewal notice and be prepared to pay your fees by credit or debit card.
Sign on to EZ Renewal and follow the steps as directed.
You’ll receive your updated registration certificate and tabs at the address on the renewal notice within five business days.
In Person
Handle any required emissions test. You don’t have to present a certificate, because the MVD receives the results electronically.
1. Have your renewal notice or registration certificate handy.
2. Have the required fees in an acceptable form. The MVD accepts personal checks, money orders, and cash, as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards or debit cards.
3. Visit your local MVD office. No appointment is necessary.
By Mail
Bring your vehicle in for an emissions test, if applicable. The MVD receives the results, so don’t worry about presenting a certificate when you renew.
Use the envelope attached to your renewal notice to send in your notice and payment.
Mail your renewal notice and a check or money order for applicable fees to:
XMotor Vehicle Division
X4005 N. 51st Ave.
XPhoenix, AZ 85031-2688
By Phone
If applicable, have your vehicle’s emissions tested. The MVD will receive the results electronically.
Have your renewal notice or registration and be prepared to pay the required fees with a credit or debit card.
Call (888) 713-3031. The automated service is available 24 hours a day.

Affix Your StickersRegistration-Renewals

When you receive your tab, the card will include instructions for placement. You don’t need to remove the previous tag.

Get a Tax DeductionRegistration-Renewals

The IRS allows a tax deduction for certain types of personal property taxes, depending on how they’re calculated, and vehicle fees often qualify.