Apply for Maryland driver's license

Choose Your LicenseApply-License

New residents and first-time drivers need to apply for a Maryland license. Maryland offers the following types:

* Non-commercial (class A, B, C, and M) – Class A serves most drivers; Class M is for motorcyclists
* Commercial (class A, B, and C)

If you’ve never been a licensed driver in any state, you must complete the Rookie Driver Program, no matter your age. This includes taking an approved driver’s education course and having a permit before you can apply for your license.

Take a Driver’s Eduction CourseApply-License

Younger than 18: You must complete a driver’s education program. If you’ve been a licensed driver in another state or country for at least 18 months, you are exempt.

18 and older: If you’ve never held a license, or held one for fewer than 18 months in another state or country, you must take a driver’s education class.

Prepare for the TestApply-License

You need to pass the written test about driving rules and safety practices in order to obtain a permit. Study the state’s driver’s manual and maybe take a few practice tests.

Locate a Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) OfficeApply-License

You’ll take the written test and vision screening at any MVA office.

Make Test-Day PreparationsApply-License

Non-Commercial Applicants
On test day, be prepared to:

* Bring your school attendance certificate
* Pass a vision test
* Pass the written test
* Provide your Social Security number
* Show proof of lawful presence
* Show acceptable proof of age, name, and identity
* Provide two proofs of residency
* Fill out an application. If you’re under 18, you need to get a parent/guardian’s signature. In some cases, an adult employer or other adult may sign instead.
* Bring payment for the permit fee, which in most cases is $50

Commercial Applicants
In addition to the non-commercial requirements, you must also show your valid U.S. Department of Transportation physical card.

Take the Written TestApply-License

Bring your paperwork and fee payment to the MVA when you feel prepared for the test.

Hearing-impaired applicants can schedule a sign language interpreter by calling (800) 492-4575. Those not confident in their English skills can schedule language interpreters.

Get a CarApply-License

You’ll need a car to practice your driving skills and to take to the road test. If you’re considering a used car, be sure to order a vehicle history report before you buy. It will alert you to odometer fraud, give you information about past owners, past accidents, and other such information.

Get Car InsuranceApply-License

Liability insurance is legally required.

Take the Driving TestApply-License

If you’re a new resident, you do not need to take the driving test to exchange your out-of-state license for a Maryland license. Your out-of-state license should be current or expired for less than one year, and you must have had it for at least 18 months.

Everyone who needs to take the road test must schedule an appointment at a full-service MVA location.

Once you pass, you’ll get your license at the MVA office. For most drivers, the license fee is $45. Depending on your circumstances, you’ll either get a provisional license or a full license.

If you fail, you can retake the road test the next business day. After three tries, you’ll need to wait at least one week before trying again.


If you hold a valid license from another country, you may legally drive in Maryland. It’s also a good idea to obtain an International Driver Permit from your home country.

If you decide to get a Maryland license, you must pass the standard requirements (vision, knowledge, and road tests) plus complete an approved drug and alcohol education course. You may need to schedule an appointment for your tests by calling (866) 691-2778.