Apply for Idaho driver's license

Choose Your LicenseApply-License

It doesnt matter if you just established Idaho residency or are a first-time driver, you must hold a drivers license to legally drive in Idaho. The following licenses are offered:
* Class D (regular drivers license for all cars, SUVs and pickups)
* Motorcycle endorsement (requirement on any Class D license or Commercial Drivers License (CDL))
* Three different CDLs: Class A, B, or C

NOTE: If you are younger than 17 years of age you must complete a state-approved training program and follow Idahos Graduated Driver License (GDL) requirements.

Take a Driver’s Education CourseApply-License

Drivers younger than 17: a state-approved driver training program is required.

17 years and older: While not required, a drivers education course is encouraged, especially if youre apply for a Class D license for the first time. Taking a supplemental course will prepare you for the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) written test.

Prepare for the TestApply-License

The best study-source for preparing for the written test is the Idaho Drivers Manuel. You may want to take a few practice tests after studying the manual and perhaps completing a supplemental course.

Locate a DMV OfficeApply-License

To take the written exam you will need to visit your local drivers license office.

Make Test-Day PreparationsApply-License

Bring the following with you:
* Proof of Idaho residency. Any document that displays your name and address, such as a lease or rental agreement, utility bill, or employment record, will work.
* Proof of age and identity.
* Your Social Security card. If you are ineligible for a Social Security number, bring a confirmation letter from the Social Security Administration.
* If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident you will need Legal-presence documents.
* If you are younger than 18, bring a parent or legal guardian.
* If you are younger than 17, bring a drivers training program certificate.
* Proof of enrollment or graduation from a recognized high school or equivalent program.
Cash or check to pay the $3 fee, and if you pass the test, the $11.50 instruction permit fee.

Take the Written TestApply-License

Visit your local drivers license office after you have studied the Idahos Drivers Manual, possibly taken a supplemental driver education course, and collected the above documents.

Keep in mind the following:
* You must be at least 15 years old to take the test.
* In order to pass you must answer 34 out of 40 questions correctly.
* You must pass a vision test by meeting the minimum requirement of at least 20/40 in one eye.

Get a CarApply-License

In order to take Idahos road test, youll need a car. Having a car will let you practice on your own, outside of your driver training program.

Before deciding, consider getting a car that meets your needs. Be sure to get a vehicle history report on any used car because this information may protect you from flaws that could be costly later on.

Get Car InsuranceApply-License

Car insurance is mandatory regardless if you only own a permit. You can compare and research various rates.

Take the Driving TestApply-License

You must take a driving test if:
* This is your first license.
* You have successfully completed drivers training and supervised instruction requirements.
* Your license has been expired for longer than one year.
* Your current license was issued in a foreign country.
* Your vision does not meet minimum standards.

You may be asked to take the driving test if:
* You have a mental or physical impairment that could hamper your ability to drive.
* A license examiner harbors suspicions about your ability to safely drive.

Scheduling a Driving Test
For a list of road testers in your area contact your local drivers license office. To your road test bring a receipt from your drivers licensing office proving that you paid a $3.50 road test fee to the county. When you arrive you will also pay the tester an addition fee of $11.50.

Ensure that the car youre driving is registered and has valid insurance.

Once You Pass
Your tester will give you a sealed envelope containing the results. Take this to the local drivers licensing office. Do not open the envelope or your test results will not be accepted.

If You Fail
You must wait three days before retesting. Youll need to bring another $3.50 receipt and pay another $11.50 fee.

Receive Your LicenseApply-License

You must take your results to a local drivers license office where an agent will then process and issue you a license while you wait.


* Idaho recognizes all foreign non-commercial licenses for up to one year. College students attending a university in the state are exempt as long as they are enrolled.
* Its not mandatory, but strongly suggested that you carry an International Driving Permit in addition to your foreign license. You cannot drive in Idaho carrying only an International Driving Permit.
* If you become a resident of the state you must apply for an Idaho drivers license within 30 days of your residency to retain your driving privileges.