Apply for Arizona driver's license

Choose Your LicenseApply-License

You must hold a valid driver’s license in order to legally drive. The following types of driver licenses are available in Arizona:
Class G (graduated driver license for teenagers 16 to 18).
Class D (non-commercial license for drivers 18 and older).
Class M (can be obtained as a separate motorcycle license or as an endorsement).
Commercial (CDL) A, B and C.

Take a Driver’s Education CourseApply-License

Drivers under the age of 18 must either complete a drivers education course or have 25 hours of supervised driving practice.
If you are applying for a Class D license for the first time and are over the age of 18, you are encouraged to take a driving course, although it is not required.
Drivers 18 years and older and are moving to Arizona you can transfer your current license without having to take a drivers education course.
Visit your local Motor Vehicle Division office and have your current license with you. Also, bring a second form of ID such as a birth certificate, passport or military ID.

Prepare for the TestApply-License

Use the Arizona’s Driver License Manual to study for the test. It is a good idea to try a few practice tests beforehand.

Locate a DMV OfficeApply-License

Visit any Motor Vehicle Division office (MVD). Consider visiting Wednesday or Thursday, the MVD’s slowest days.

Make Test-Day PreparationsApply-License

On the day of the test bring identification, your social security number and complete the Instruction Permit form. Drivers under the age of 18 must have the application signed by a parent or guardian in the presence of a notary or MVD agent. A $7 permit fee is required.

Take the Written TestApply-License

If you do not pass the written test, you must wait 24 hours before retaking the test.
After passing the written test you’ll receive your permit. You must hold your instruction permit for a minimum of five months and complete a state-approved driver education program or 25 hours of supervised driving before you can take a road test.
NOTE: Written tests are also offered in Spanish.

Get a CarApply-License

You will need a car to take Arizona’s road test.

Get Car InsuranceApply-License

Car insurance, regardless if you only own a permit, is required in Arizona.

Take the Driving TestApply-License

If you’re new to Arizona and own a valid driver’s license from another state,
First time drivers are required to take the road test. Contact the MVD office to make an appointment. The state does offer third-part testing centers and you can ask about this when you contact MVD.
When taking the test you must have a vehicle in good working condition with current registration, plates and tabs and valid insurance.
You must be able to understand the following instruction in English: turn left at the next street, corner, stop sign or traffic light; turn right at the next street, corner, stop sign or traffic light; stop; slow down; left lane; right lane; drive straight ahead; speedometer; seat belt.
Be prepared to pay the license application fee (see below) by cash, check or money order.
License Fees by Age
16-39: $25
40-44: $20
45-49: $15
50 and older: $10
Once You Pass
You’ll immediately be issued your permanent license.
If You Fail
You can retest on the next business day.
The $25 fee covers, if needed, three attempts to pass the test in a 12-month period.