Alabama car registration

General RequirementsCar-Registration

First time Registration of a vehicle in your name is necessary if you recently purchased the vehicle, recently moved to Alabama or changed ownership of a vehicle
You have 20 calendar days from the date of purchase to register, however, if youve recently moved to the state you have 30 days to register the vehicle.

Get InsuranceCar-Registration

To legally operate a car in Alabama, however it is not necessary to show proof of insurance when registering a vehicle. Your signature on the registration receipt is you word that the vehicle is insured

Prepare the PaperworkCar-Registration

If you purchased the vehicle from a dealer, the required paperwork is normally taken care of for you. It is best to ensure that the dealer has registered the titled the vehicle appropriately.

If you are registering an out-of-state vehicle or you are new to Alabama:

Locate the vehicles title, and make sure its properly completed and signed over to you.
Find your notarized bill of sale and have any related documents to support the title transfer available. You will also need proof of your identity such as a drivers license.

Calculate the FeesCar-Registration

Be prepared prior to going to the DMV office by knowing what fees you will be required to pay.
Vehicle registration costs $23, however, you may be subject to prorated amounts, and you will be required to pay for titling the vehicle, which you may process at the same time.
First-Time Fees
First-time registration fees usually include titling fees, and may include a $15 penalty fee if you are registering late.

Additional Fees
If you lose or destroy any paperwork, license plates, or registration stickers, you may apply for duplicates by paying replacement fees.

Go to the DMVCar-Registration

Once all your paperwork is in order, make an appointment at the nearest DMV office to register the vehicle in person.
A vehicle inspection for nonresident vehicles may be required so allow extra time.
Once the vehicle passes inspection, youll submit the above paperwork and fees. At this time youll order your license plates.
If you already have an Alabama tag you want to transfer to your new vehicle, you can do so for $1.25 plus any local fees; otherwise, youll get a new tag.
The registration fee is $23, but you can choose personalized and specialty plates for additional annual fees.

Affix Your StickersCar-Registration

Once you receive your stickers by mail or in person at the DMV (one for the month and one for the year), just follow the instructions provided to properly affix the stickers to the license plate.

Get a Tax DeductionCar-Registration

You can deduct a portion of the registration fees called the annual Vehicle License Fee from your income tax. Check with your tax preparer for more information.

Safely Get on Your WayCar-Registration

Once your vehicle is registered and youre ready to hit the roads, make sure youre as prepared as possible for emergencies by keeping a car emergency kit available.